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One team, two expertises

A single R&D cell consisting of data scientists, and sustainable finance analysts experienced in addressing the challenges of the financial industry.

We develop custom-made operational solutions to help public and private actors from the financial sector face 2 main transitions of their sector: digital and sustainable. The combination of this team (data and/or ESG) and renown experts / academics from ILB network allows state of the art deliverables, aligned with business constraints and needs.

Our guiding principles

Scientific rigour

We have access to the most appropriate expertise (machine learning, climate alignment, econometrics, impact, ESG, actuarial sciences...), for every project, thanks to our exclusive access to the Louis Bachelier Network of 1000+ researchers.


We adapt the team and the project set up to the diverse constraints of our partners, be it related to legal, information systems, processes, or data quality concerns.

Security and confidentiality

We either work directly on your or our IT system and follow stringent confidentiality and data access protocols, each team member following specific cybersecurity training.

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ILB Labs publications

12 Decembre 2023
Alternative Fuels : benefits, criticisms and controversies
Overview of e-fuels as a sustainable mobility solution, examining their benefits, criticisms, and controversies.
28 August 2023
Large Language Models (LLMs)
Comparative Analysis of ChatGPT and Bard in Extracting Data from Annual Reports
12 December 2022
ESG Data Cartography
Overcome your data hurdles with the ESG Data Cartography!
21 November 2022
Impact investing
Impact investing: principles, challenges and perspectives?
13 September 2021
Real estate
Do text descriptions of real estate offers actually help us estimate the list price?

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